Being great at delegating can make a big difference to your workload, stress levels and how you develop your team… but are you making these delegation mistakes?

Delegating effectively saves time, reduces your workload and stress levels, ensures individual skills and resources are utilised, gives your team chances to develop and is vital for succession planning. But we often don’t delegate as much as we should.

How do you know if you need to delegate more?


As you develop your career and become more senior, there’s a good chance that you’ll move from being a specialist to a generalist.

In a typical office environment, many of us start off in a generalist role as an assistant or coordinator, helping the team with anything and everything.

As you progress you become more specialised and when you reach management or head of level, you’re an expert in your area.

But then…

The most important relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself… so why not make it a kind and loving one?

I believe the most powerful way to live a happier life is to learn how to be kinder to yourself and love yourself more.

As women, we often struggle with accepting ourselves and being confident and secure in who we are.

Being kinder to yourself not only makes your relationship…

Are you a perfectionist and is it pushing you towards overwork and burnout?

For years I thought that I was doing well in my career because I worked so hard and held myself to such high standards. Then I realised that those strategies were actually perfectionism in disguise and were causing as much harm as they were good.

I coach a lot of…

Are you the boss of your brain or is your brain the boss of you?

Overthinking is something your mind will naturally do.

You might ruminate on past situations, worry about future events or are fearful of the judgement of others.

All of this overthinking can stop you from enjoying the present moment plus creates stress, anxiety and affects your self-confidence.

The good news is…

Carla Miller

Leadership and burnout coach. I specialise in helping women in leadership roles increase their influence and impact whilst being kinder to themselves.

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